About Us

The Product: 

Ten-Four focuses on the forgotten gun carriers - women! 

We solve the age-old issue for women of not having a business suit that accounts for the weight and size of a firearm.  Established in Nashville, Tennessee; Ten-Four Clothing was created by a female law enforcement officer for women who serve in law enforcement, the military, or any woman who carries concealed weapons.  High quality fabric, sleek designs, and durability are critical components of our business suits.  Our goal is to continue providing fashion-forward attire that is both trendy and functional. 

The Brand:

Ten-Four will serve as the “bridge” between the community and law enforcement encouraging unity, understanding, communication and accountability.

This brand represents strength, honor, patriotism, integrity, and pride!

I want women to feel comfortable with their firearm no matter if it's a .40 cal Glock 22 or a KelTech .380.

Spread the word, tag a friend, leave your e-mail address! Rock with this brand, I PROMISE we are on the cusp of greatness! Our full website is currently being developed but if you'd like to be added to the business suit pre-sale list please send us an email at alisha@tenfourclothing.com.

Grab a signature T-shirt or hat. All funds will be used for production of the full clothing line.