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Fashion that supports concealed carry!

About Us

We represent strength, honor, patriotism, integrity, and pride!


Ten-Four focuses on the forgotten gun carriers - women! We solve the age-old issue for women of not having a business suit that accounts for the weight and size of a firearm. Established in Nashville, Tennessee; Ten-Four Clothing was created by a female law enforcement officer for women who serve in law enforcement, the military, or any woman who chooses to legally carry a concealed weapon. High quality fabric, sleek designs, and durability are critical components of our business suits. Our goal is to continue providing fashion-forward attire that is both trendy and functional.

A Message from the Owner

“Ten-Four clothing promotes responsible concealed carry of firearms.

We also support fearlessness, visionary leadership, protection of civil-rights, equality, strength, respect, forward thinking, innovation, love, substantive measurable solutions to resolve systematic issues, and the #CareerMoms who get it done.

We have created premium business suits for you to carry concealed weapons. All pants have a wide reinforced waistband with belt loops to allow for any belt/holster combination. All of the pants were made with premium stretch fabric.

We didn't stop there... High quality blazers made with premium fabric (with stretch), inside pockets, and slightly extended jacket length for added coverage of your firearm.

Yep, we did that! All for the woman who would like to be fashionable and professional while carrying concealed firearms or other self-defense tools.”

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